Om El Arab Proudly Presents: THE BREEDING CLINIC

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Learn Arabian Horse Conformation Once and For All.


Om El Arab Proudly Presents


2 Days of In-Depth Teaching on Arabian Horse Breeding.


March 24-25, 2018


*$150 for adults (Includes clinic, clinic packet, live judging and certification)

                  (*Note: Meals & Lodging not included. Food truck will be onsite during the weekend.)

*$75 for kids 12 & under


Breeding can be a daunting process, and there is always more to learn to make the process easier for both you and your horses. This unique, two-day comprehensive clinic will be comprised of both classroom and hands-on experience, as well as profound breeding philosophies behind the world-renowned Om El Arab breeding program, guided by an expert panel of Janina Merz, Cindy Reich, Doug Dahmen, and other notable industry experts.

  • What elements should I consider when making breeding decisions for my mare?
  • What should I know about caring for my pregnant mare?
  • What should I know about foaling day (or night)?
  • How should I approach the weaning process in the gentlest and most effective manner? 
  • How soon can I breed my mare back?
  • What are the best tips, tools, supplements, and lessons about foaling and aftercare from the experts that I can apply TODAY?

 Completion of the clinic will provide attendees with official certification in The Breeding Clinic, and a Certificate of Achievement to document your credentials and take home with you.

But it won't be all work... you'll also enjoy beautiful Santa Ynez, California, the picturesque settings of Om El Arab, and presentation of Om El Arab horses, and more!

Om El Arab, one of the world's foremost breeding programs, is proud to introduce The Breeding Clinic – the sequel to the popular Conformation Clinic. 

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***Please note: Meals & Lodging not included. Food truck will be onsite during the weekend.

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