Om El Al Azeem

(Al Lahab × Om El Beneera)
Grey Stallion , Born 2006


For a horse to trust you,

you must trust the horse.

Most recently Om El Al Azeem was crowned Gold Champion Stallion at the US Open in Central Park.  He was also US Reserve National Champion Stallion in 2010 and Scottsdale Gold Champion Stallion in 2013. He was World Cup Champion 4 year old Stallion and World Cup Supreme Champion Amateur Stallion.

He is by World Champion Stallion, *Al Lahab and out of our youngest *Estopa daughter Om El Beneera, by *Sharem El Sheikh. This phenomenal young stallion is the perfect combination of his sire and dam. He has the graceful beauty of *Al Lahab and the size and power of his tail female line. He blends well with our herd of line bred mares because he is in a way an outcross stallion. He has no *Sanadik El Shaklan blood in his veins and can therefore breed many of our Om El Shahmaan and *Sanadik El Shaklan related mares. Azeem has proven himself to be a sire of type, charisma and extreme motion and because of this we feel his children will excel in the show ring as he has. The first daughter, Om El Jeania, by Al Azeem that was shown was crowned Gold Junior Champion Filly at the Salon du Cheval in Jediddah, Morocco.  His son Om El Shadaii was Gold Junior Champion Colt at the 2013 Scottsdale International Show where Al Azeem was named Gold Champion Stallion.

Year Foaled 2006
Color Grey
Breeding Purebred Arabian


Al Lahab Laheeb *Imperial Imdal+ Ansata Imperial
*AK Latifa *IBN Moniet El Nefous
The Vision HG Thee Desperado The Minstril
AK Amiri Asmarr
Belle Staar The Minstril
Om El Beneera *Sharem El Sheikh *El Shaklan Shaker El Masri
*Samanna GRSB Gharib
*Estopa Tabal Congo
Uyaima Barquillo

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