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Om El Soraya


Year Foaled: 2011
Color: Grey

We proudly introduce Om El Soraya. Soraya has the distinction of being Om El Bellissimo's first born foal.  She is in flesh and blood reality the exact vision we had when we thought about breeding our *Al Lahab daughters to Bellissimo.  The result of this cross has been spectacular as Soraya has incredible type.  Her face is short and very wide between large, well placed eyes. She has a small teacup muzzle and carries herself with an air of nobility.  She truly is a treasure and we couldn't be more thrilled with her!  We have three videos of Soraya for you to enjoy that were shot throughout the year.  The most recent video was taken in November 2011.  Soraya is proudly owned by Aljassimya Farm.  Om El Soraya was Silver Junior Champion Mare at the 2013 Scottsdale International Show.

2013 Scottsdale Silver Junior Champion Mare


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