Perspectives by Janina: The Way Things Were

When my mom started breeding Arabian horses in 1970, there was a different atmosphere in the industry. Breeders traveled to each other’s farms to see the horses, to brainstorm and to learn.  Often these visits involved many hours of passionate discourse giving people a way to share knowledge and ideas.  The internet has taken this organic way of learning away from us. With the swipe of a finger or a click of a mouse, we can conveniently

2018 Om El Arab OPEN HOUSE

Come see the stallions, mares, and foals of one of the most illustrious and longest-running private breeding programs in the world. You'll enjoy a presentation of generational mare families, 2018 babies, and of course, the royal stallion roster of Om El Arab. Want to understand more of the pedigree behind now-famous Om El Erodite and other superstars? Come to the broodmare source for potent, linebred type that is an ideal outcross for virtually any international